Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Molson Coors: Cobra - Review

Just under a month ago, I wrote about how Cobra had landed in Australia in May of this year. This was great news in my opinion. Even better news was that it took less than a week to find some! In true bloodhound fashion, Nick (aka NM) sniffed some out at a Chapel Hill bottle shop - Vintage Cellars.

Despite being advertised on VOK's website as having an RRP of AUS11.99 for 4 x 330ml bottles, Vintage Cellars are selling them at AU$14 for a 4pack. I can't complain as I reckon this is just about right. That's only AU$3.50 per bottle. In fact, that's a pretty good price considering it's fully imported.

The review:

I do enjoy a nice lager. Not the junk that gets churned out by the millions of gallons per minute - the tasteless, flat kind that seedy nightclubs sell to you in plastic 'glasses' for extortionate amounts of cash. I'm talking about a really nice lager. Cobra is one of those nice lagers.

It's conception came about in 1989 when 27 year old Karan Bilimoria decided that the UK needed a less gassy lager. I think it was a big gamble considering the beer market in the UK was already top-heavy with lagers. Karan's aim was to have a beer available that would compliment all cuisines without leaving the consumer feeling bloated. The idea took off and years later it is widely associated with being the Indian curry eater's choice of beer - mainly because of Karan's Indian roots but also because Cobra was first brewed in Bangalore, India. The importation only lasted for a year or so as brewing started to commence in England at Charles Wells Ltd.

The beer pours an appealing golden colour and, despite the lack of fizz, a sensible head settles. This is a very enjoyable beer with no harsh tastes at all. Everything about it is subtle. At 5.0% abv this is an extremely sessionable beer.

Go grab yourself a curry and indulge in a few of these as soon as possible and as cold as possible.


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