Monday, 22 October 2012

Burleigh Brewing: FIGJAM IPA - Review

Regular readers of this blog will have no doubt noted that my recent purchases of beer centre around 3 letters: I, P and A. This current journey happened to coincide with a new release from Burleigh Brewing Co. - a local(ish)-to-me brewery that has a 'Bit On The Side' department which release limited edition brews every once in a while. 

Following on from Fanny Gertrude's Bickie Beer and Black Giraffe, their latest bit on the side is called FIGJAM IPA...

It was only released a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to lay my hands on some last week for consumption over the course of my birthday weekend (weekend just gone) and what a lovely gift to myself it was...a real treat indeed...

The review:

I have absolutely no hesitation in slapping 4 stars on this one. FIGJAM is a wonderful IPA!

Presented in the familiar but special 'Bit On The Side Dept' 650ml screen-printed bottle, it pours a light golden colour with a solid white head followed by a good 20 seconds worth of subsequent fine effervescence.

Huge whiffs of fruit hit me. Nothing to put me off - more inviting than anything.

Upon taking the first mouthful of a new beer, I always try and have a clean palate. Often achieved by glugging a few mouthfuls of water. This usually prepares me for whatever the pending liquid gold has to offer. 

The first mouthful of FIGJAM surprised me. It was nowhere near as heavy as I was expecting. It was surprisingly light which makes this IPA very drinkable and thirst quenching unlike many IPA's that have previously made their way past my hop-loving tongue.

I've enjoyed a few big, in-your-face hop explosion types of beers lately. This isn't one of them making this 7.0% abv drop a very sessionable brew ahead of what's promised to be a very warm Queensland summer.

My advice? Stock up on this quickly before limited edition cartons deplete!

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