Thursday, 29 November 2012


I read UK-based Pete Brown's Beer Blog as often as he writes a new post. He knows what he's on about. He makes sense.

It made me chuckle this morning when I read his latest post which happens to be about a new Aussie beer being launched over there in my chilly homeland. Something called Bondi Beer.

Until this morning, until reading Pete's blog, I had never even heard of Bondi Beer.

I fear that it is yet another brand simply trying to exploit the name of Australia. Fosters is a great example - I have never seen it in a pub here in Australia. I'm sure it exists somewhere but I've never seen it.

Pete mentions Capricorn Brands in his blog. According to their website, Capricorn Brands claim to be an Australian beer and wine group that market and sell their brands to major outlets around the world. Funny that their head office is in London!

Yes, they probably are using a recipe for their beer that was formulated in Sydney in 2009 but to go and heavily market a brand of new beer as Australian is bit naff.

I'm almost certain that us beer drinkers down under can't even get a slice of the 'action'. I'm not too disappointed if the truth be known. Below is a screen-grab of the 'Where To Buy' tab from the Bondi Beer website. See if you can spot any Australian locations...

It gets worse. When I type in my Brisbane CBD work address postcode and ask for it to search for a Bondi Beer within 250km, this is the result:

Like I said, I don't really care. I wish to avoid it like the plaque. I have far too many other beers in my sights and with Christmas coming up I'll be indulging in these proper Aussie craft beers from proper Aussie craft breweries.
If anybody has tried Bondi Beer or has an opinion, please feel free to get in touch! I'd love to hear from you.

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