Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sierra Nevada: Bigfoot Ale 2012 - Review

Hot on the heels of my Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale consumption was the 2012 incarnation of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Bigfoot Ale - a barley wine style ale - a limited release.

NM and I went halves on a 6pack - mainly to keep the cost down (AU$30 for a 6pack) but equally in case we didn't like it. There's nothing worse than buying a 6pack of beer only to be let down by the first sip of the first bottle. Certainly not the case with this one!

The review:

I thoroughly enjoyed it. In a big(foot) way. I was expecting something different - I don't know why - but as soon as the first mouthful was swallowed I looked up and exhaled a loud 'FFWWOOOAAARRRR'. A real taste explosion - yet very difficult to describe.

As you can see from the image above (click for larger view), it pours a nice deep amber/ruby colour with a strong, somewhat chunky head which disappeared quite quickly (the froth was at the brim of the glass before I focussed the camera and had already reduced by 25% by the time the photo was taken).

This really is a hu-mighty-mongous beer - not just the 9.6% abv content but the bitterness too - it swept me off my feet.

Quite hoppy too. Which I'm a big fan of.

If BIG, bitter, hoppy beers are what you like, then go and treat yourself to some - don't let the price-tag stop you.

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