Monday, 17 September 2012

Cobra Beer arrives in Australia

I was recently alerted to the fact that Cobra beer is now available in Australia. NM stumbled upon this fact and with little haste screamed the news across the office at me. Well, it was more of yell but it may as well have been a scream...for me, this is great news.

I am a huge fan of Cobra - ever since I first tried it at the tender age of 18 back in the UK. I may have been younger but for legal reasons, let's stick with 18.

The Indian curry is a staple diet of many Brits. In some areas of the UK, I reckon they sell more Indian food than some towns in India do! Growing up in the UK meant that I was exposed to Indian food at a young age. Having a good friend who is Indian is even better because his mum and dad used to send authentic samples from their kitchen around to my house. Brilliant!

As I started to take more notice of beer and the importance of a nice drink with a nice meal, Cobra lead the way when a curry was being served. The thing with Cobra is that it isn't as gassy as other beers. You can drink this beer without feeling bloated leaving more room for fine cuisine!

An interesting fact about Cobra is that it came to fruition solely aimed at the British beer market as opposed to being an Indian beer aimed at the Indian population. It was brewed originally in Bangalore for export to the UK.

The importance of finding a good beer to compliment a nice curry will be turned on it's head here in Brisbane. Instead, and somewhat frustratingly, I'll be seeking a nice curry to compliment my good beer...

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