Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bar Stuff Episode 2 – Tippler's Tap, Newstead, Brisbane

I recently wrote a loose review of a Brisbane bar. Well, here's a very loose preview of a new Brisbane craft beer bar - yet to be opened! Tippler's Tap is due to open very soon. "Not soon enough!" says my beer drinking habit.

Carl Rhodes (ex-manager of Nectar Beer & Wine, West End) and his new venture will be located in the up-market Brisbane suburb of Newstead. It joins an ever-growing list of interesting venues located in the area which includes established bistro Bitter Suite and the forthcoming brewery - Green Beacon.

In terms of notable places to enjoy a decent beer, Brisbane lags behind it's southern state sister cities (try saying that after a couple of DOTLS!) especially after we recently witnessed the unfortunate demise of Underbelly. I'll be there for a beer or two or three or four as soon as Carl opens the doors. I encourage everybody to do the same. I hope the local residents are up for it too. It certainly has the potential to be a win/win situation for Carl and the area.


Tippler's Tap, 22 Masters Street, Newstead, QLD 4006  info@tipplerstap.com.au

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