Thursday, 12 July 2012

Arvo Lager - Marketing Genius or Gimmick?

I've written before about the sheer stroke of genius behind some of the world's beers. The latest marketing drive from a brewery to hit me in the face is Arvo Lager.

They have two beers (both of which are 4.9% ABV) to offer you:

Brew 34 - 'with a subtle malty character, authentic hop bitterness and fruit driven aromatics'

Brew 51 - 'a light, refreshing taste with subtle hops and a clean finish'

Here's the clever marketing part (solely to entice you to pick it up off the shelf).....when you buy a 6 pack, you get three of each kind i.e. 3 x Brew 34's and 3 x Brew 51's. When you buy a carton, you get 12 of each kind. They've taken it a step further by incorporating the gimmick into the artwork of the packaging too by literally halving the colour of the box...
Even more cheeky is that you can go to their website here and vote for your favourite of the two.

Brewed in Yenda, NSW by the Casella Family (the guys responsible for Yellow Tail wine), it's yet another Aussie attempt to prise some of the beer market away from the 'big boys' namely Lion Nathan (Kirin) and Foster's (SABMiller) that jointly occupy a giant 90% share of the market. Good luck to them.

Marketing genius or gimmick? Let me know your thoughts.

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