Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bondi **UPDATE**

An episode concerning a previous post regarding Bondi Beer and Pete Brown's Beer Blog has taken a strange and unprecedented twist...

Those of you that saw and digested Pete's rant and subsequent readers' comments before he removed it all may have noticed that I had pointed out to him that his research was a little bit off - especially concerning Paris Hilton and Bondi Blonde.

To date, my negative words haven't rattled as many cages as Pete's did. Nor has it provoked the threat of any legal action. Admittedly, I was nowhere near as harsh with my literature and have nowhere near as big a readership as he. Plus, I live in Australia - miles from where Bondi Beer is trying to make it's name...which is miles from Bondi Beach.

I'm keen to hear from anybody that has tried this self-proclaimed 'craft' beer.

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