Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Latest Haul...

We've all done it. We've all previously been to the bottle shop/off-licence/liquor store, got home, unpacked and stared at our haul and thought "Hmmmm...which one of you first?"

For me, today was no different. 7 bottles made their way into my shopping basket:

Buying singles can be a costly affair but I generally only do it if I've never tried the beers in question.

Today's newbies are as follows:

Whistler Premium Export Lager 5.0% abv - for no other reason than I have yet to add a representative from Canada to my list!

Estrella Damm Pilsner 4.6% abv - same reason as above! First Spanish beer cerveza in my list believe it or not!

Monteith's Radler Bier 5.0% abv - reason for this choice is simply because I do love a Monteith's brew! This is my 7th kind of Monteith's after their Autumn Amber Ale, Black Beer, Dopplebock Winter Ale, Golden Lager, Single Source Lager and Spakling Ale.

Gage Roads London Best 4.4% abv - I've been told by a friend, NM, that this isn't a particularly nice drop. I'll let you know. Reason for purchase is because I'm a sucker for anything that claims to be 'Best'. Plus, look at the Union Jack flag on the was always going into my basket with a label like that!

Mildura Mallee Bull Strong Ale 5.6% abv - I picked this one up to give Mildura another go as I hadn't been too taken aback with my previous Mildura purchases - Choc Hops Stout, Desert Premium Lager and Murray Honey Wheat.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale 5.5% abv - I fancied this one to add to the ever-growing contingent on my list from America. Please visit the Samuel Adams website and checkout their vast amount of beers!!!

Tower 10 IPA 7.0% abv - made it's way home with me because I loooved the Karl Strauss Red Trolley Ale.

These 7 beers will, of course, make their way onto the beer list (see far right hand side of blog for complete list). This will take my total to 228 different beers since June 2010.

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