Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Little Creatures: Day Of The Long Shadow - Review

Today is the day.

The new Single Batch release from Little Creatures - Day of the Long Shadow - hit the hand-pump at Archive in West End, Brisbane.........just 2 days after it's nationwide release. It's like what a birthday felt when I was 6 years old. Waking up and thinking "Today is the day!".

As our religion states, NM and I made the pilgrimage over to West End this rainy lunchtime (courtesy of a combination of our trusty umbrellas and a bus ride) to sample this hotly-anticipated brew.

It was worth suffering a little bit of precipitation on our faces. It was worth the glares from the boss as we came back from lunch late. It was worth damp business attire. Believe me - nothing was going to get in the way of us trying it out.

We set off on the 10 minute journey discussing nothing but beer (as usual). We discussed our hopes for DOTLS and whether we'd want to go back to work afterwards. That final conversation always ends up with a 'no'. Always.

It poured beautifully, with the barman in Archive topping us up dutifully once the creamy head had subsided a little.

It was obvious that the above was quickly going to become....

...and in turn...

The Review:

I liked it. A lot. I have to say that I was hoping to compare it to Brew Dog's 'There Is No Santa'. I was expecting more 'spice'. Those that have tasted 'TINS' will know what I'm on about. Nevertheless, this didn't put me off buying more. The second actually poured slightly cooler in my opinion which aided the enjoyment. I have to say that for an 8.9% it didn't taste like an 8.9%! The alcohol only hit me an hour or so later - by which time I should've had my face buried in work. That wasn't going to happen today. Today is a celebration. A celebration of yet another very classy Single Batch.

If you can, go buy some today.

I'm keen to compare the bottled results to today's tap offering. I'll let you know how I go...

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